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Happy Christmahanakwanzakavus!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Christmahanakwanzakavus (Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ Festivus)! The weather is perfect today for outdoor activities, especially swimming! 

Later today Arapahoe and Sioux will be going to Rice Creek! While Mohican and Winnebago will be going on their day trips, and coming back after dinner. Cherokee and Cheyenne will be going on overnight trips and will be returning tomorrow around lunch.

For dinner tonight is is Taco Tuesday, and at campfire we will be playing Wells Fargo (capture the flag/ flag football)! 

More photos to come!



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  1. Rice creek, taco Tuesday and Wells Fargo all in the same day!!! I wish I was 12 again!! #cjrocks


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