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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Sherwood Forest!

Hello Everyone!

Today is Robin Hood Day at Camp Jorn! 

It was overcast today, but not cold. Classes are going great, and everyone is having a great time! 

Arapahoe, Cherokee and Menominee are all going on their overnight trips today. They will leave after lunch and will return tomorrow before lunch. 

Tonight for the Evening Activity, we are playing Gold Rush, with a twist to honor Robin Hood! The Cabins will walk around trying to find gold rocks and might have to complete a task to receive the gold. While, the Sheriff will be walking around collecting Taxes (the gold)! 

Hope everyone is having a great day!



The Lion King!

Hello Everyone!

Today we are celebrating The Lion King at Camp Jorn! We started off this morning with The Lion King sound track playing at breakfast. Classes went well this morning; it was a little overcast, but not too cold. 

Chippewa and Mohican are leaving for their day trip today after lunch and will return before dinner. Iroquois and Sioux are leaving for their overnight trips today and will return before lunch tomorrow. 

This afternoon The Lion King movie will be playing during Cabin Activities for every cabin that wants to watch it. 

This evening we are playing Wells Fargo (capture the flag/flag football), and the theme is Lions vs. Hyenas! 

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! 


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney!

This week the theme of Camp Jorn is Disney! Today we are celebrating the movie UP! 

This morning the kids had activities with their cabins and this afternoon they will be participating in classes! 

Half of TEVA and the CIT’s came back from their trip yesterday and are doing laundry today! 

Kickapoo and Winnebago are leaving for their day trip today after lunch. Hacoui is leaving for their overnight trip and will be back tomorrow before lunch. The second half of TEVA is leaving for their trip today and will be back Thursday!

Tonight for the Evening Activity we are doing Mr. Fredrickson’s Balloons! This is where the staff hides and each cabin has to try and find them. When they find a staff member they have to answer a question, sing a song, or complete a task to earn Balloons (points)! Whichever cabin gets the most points wins a special prize! 

Hope everyone is having a good day! 

Wacky Spirit Day!

Hello Everyone!

This morning the Campers got a surprise when they woke up, all the staff members switched roles, so other staff members where in the cabins!

The CIT’s leave today for their 5 day camping trip!

This afternoon the cabins will be packing up their stuff and collecting wood for the Friendship Fire tonight! 

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Hawaiian Day!

Hello Everyone!

Today is a beautiful sunny day here at Camp Jorn! Classes are going well, as the kids are getting used to the routine of camp.

Today for lunch we are having subs! 

Half of TEVA is leaving for their 4 day trip today, while the other half are leaving on Sunday. 

For dinner, we are having pizza! 

Tonight is the Luau Sock Hop! Where everyone will be dressing up in their favorite Hawaiian gear! 

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Backwards Day!

Hello Everyone!

Today is Backwards Day! We started this morning off with Dinner instead of breakfast and had cabin activities instead of classes. This afternoon we will be having our classes and having Breakfast for Dinner!

Winnebago will be leaving this afternoon for a day trip and will be coming back after dinner! Iroquois and Hacoui will be on an overnight trip, and will return tomorrow! 

Tonight we are playing Wells Fargo (capture the flag/flag football), Pirates vs. Ninjas style! 

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Under the Sea!

Hello Everyone!

Today has been a little on the cold side, but we are having a lot of fun! We are staying out of the water today and hanging out on land! There have been a lot of games, sports and crafts.

Kickapoo is leaving after lunch for a day trip to Fox Island and will be back tonight after dinner. Arapahoe and Cherokee are going on an overnight trip and will be back tomorrow before lunch.

Tonight we are having a Haunted Under the Sea Trail Ride. Where the staff dress up in scary under the sea costumes and hide on one of the trails on camp, while the kids walk through. 

Water War!

Hello Everyone!

This morning the campers have been getting used to going to different classes. Such as, Canoeing, Sailing, Crafts, Air Riflery, Swimming, Water Ski, Horsemanship and much more. 

Today at Camp Jorn a Water War has been started! Each Cabin will participate in activities today that will get them wet, from Wet and Wild Relays, Slip n’ Slides, to Tie-Dye!

Tonight for Campfire we will continue the Water War between Cabins with Super Soakers and Water Balloons!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! 

Friendship Fire!

Hello Everyone!

Today is the last day of Session A, and no one is ready for it to be over!

We still have some pranksters though. Cherokee got revenge on Iroquois from the 3 a.m. wake up call last night, by setting up their table outside for lunch today. Image

The cabins are cleaning up and packing this afternoon.

The Friendship Fire is built and people are saying goodbye tonight. 

We had a great time with the Session A Campers, and we hope to see them next year!



Totally 80’s

Hello Everyone,

Today we went back to the 80’s! 

This afternoon, the cabins will be doing Tie Dye, Tubing, and going to Fox Island. 

Sioux, Menominee and Cherokee all came back safely from their camping trip this morning! Just in time to attend the Skeeter Show (Water Ski Show) tonight with the rest of Camp!

Hope everyone is having an awesome day!