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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Closing Ceremonies!

Hello Everyone!

Today is the last day of not just Session 7, but of Resident Camp here at Camp Jorn! Everyone is enjoying their last day of classes and cabin activities!

Today each cabin will be packing up the cabins and wood collecting for the Friendship Fire tonight!

Tonight is the Friendship Fire, where everyone has a chance to thank and say goodbye to their friends! We are sad to see everyone leaving tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday!

Sock Hop!

Hello Everyone!

Today has been a great day at Camp Jorn! Classes are going well, and the trips got back safely. 

Today for lunch, the cabins get to invite a Director to eat with them. 

For cabin activities, cabins are going tubing and going on trail rides! 

Tonight is Sock Hop with an Olympic twist! Everyone is dressing up as their favorite Olympic Event, for example runners, swimmers, gymnasts, etc. 

Hope Everyone is having a Terrific Thursday!

Wells Fargo!

Hello Everyone!

Today is a great day here at Camp Jorn! The kids are outside enjoying their classes and have fun activities planned for this afternoon, most of the cabins are going on the Pontoon to go and get Ice Cream in town!

 Mohican and Arapahoe are going on their overnight trip today and returning tomorrow before lunch. 

Due to a thunderstorm last night we had Campfire inside, where we had Fun with Food! Each cabin participated in challenges and the cabin with the most points won. Since Wells Fargo (Flag Football/Capture the Flag) was cancelled last night we rescheduled the game to tonight!

Hope everyone is having a Wonderful Wednesday! 

Water Olympics!

Hello Everyone,

Today is a sunny day at Camp Jorn! The kids started classes today, after having a rainy day yesterday! 

Chippewa is going on their day trip today after lunch to Fox Island! Iroquois, Cherokee and Hacoui are going on their overnight trips today and will return tomorrow before lunch. 

Today for cabin activities each cabin will participate in Water Events (relay races), for Spirit Points! 

Tonight is Wells Fargo, which is a game like capture the flag and flag football!

Have a Terrific Tuesday! 

Opening Ceremonies!

Hello Everyone!

Today has been a rainy day at Camp Jorn, so instead of having classes outside we had an Olympic Talent Show! Each cabin has to perform in the Talent Show and every child had the opportunity to perform if they wanted!

Today for lunch we are having grilled cheese.

If the weather cooperates, Kickapoo and Winnebago will be going on their day trip after lunch and return after dinner. Sioux and Menominee will be going on an overnight camping trip and will return tomorrow before lunch.

This afternoon we will be having cabin activities, where each cabin gets to choose what they want to do as a group. If it continues to rain we will be having another activity inside called Mr. and Ms. Camp Jorn! Where the boy counselors dress up like girls and the girl counselors dress up like boys and compete in a pageant!

Tonight for the Evening Activity we are having Opening Ceremonies and Events (relay races and activities for each cabin to do as a whole)!

Hope everyone has an Amazing Monday!

Session 7 has begun

Hi Everyone,


The buses have arrived safely at Camp Jorn and we are ready to start session 7!!!!  It is Olympics week and that means lots of fun here at CJ.

After campers are placed in their cabins we will do a round robin, swim eval and nursey check!


We will post photos this evening.



CJ Staff

You’ve Got a Friend in Me!

Hello Everyone!

Today is the last full day of Session 6 at Camp Jorn! Classes are closing; Dance Class was practicing a dance to perform at tonight’s Campfire! Horsemanship rode bareback, Biking and Sailing went to go get Ice Cream in town!

This afternoon for Cabin Activities, every cabin will be collecting firewood for the Friendship Fire tonight. They will also be packing and cleaning up camp, to make sure they did not lose anything. 

Tonight is Friendship Fire, where each kid has a chance to say goodbye to their friends and reflect on what has happened over the week!

We are sad to see everyone leave and hope to see everyone next year! 

The Royal Ball!

Hello Everyone!

Today was a sunny day here at Camp Jorn! Classes are going well and Cherokee, Arapahoe, and Menominee all came back from their trips safe and sound!

Today for lunch, we are having Sub Sandwiches! 

This evening we are having a Royal Ball (Sock Hop) in honor of all the Disney Princesses and Princes! Everyone is dressing up in their finest attire, or anything Disney! Their will be lots of Dancing but everyone must be in bed before the clock strikes 10! 


Hope everyone has a Magical Day!