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Opening Ceremonies!

Hello Everyone!

Today has been a rainy day at Camp Jorn, so instead of having classes outside we had an Olympic Talent Show! Each cabin has to perform in the Talent Show and every child had the opportunity to perform if they wanted!

Today for lunch we are having grilled cheese.

If the weather cooperates, Kickapoo and Winnebago will be going on their day trip after lunch and return after dinner. Sioux and Menominee will be going on an overnight camping trip and will return tomorrow before lunch.

This afternoon we will be having cabin activities, where each cabin gets to choose what they want to do as a group. If it continues to rain we will be having another activity inside called Mr. and Ms. Camp Jorn! Where the boy counselors dress up like girls and the girl counselors dress up like boys and compete in a pageant!

Tonight for the Evening Activity we are having Opening Ceremonies and Events (relay races and activities for each cabin to do as a whole)!

Hope everyone has an Amazing Monday!


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  1. Dianna Underhill

    can’t wait for pics….hoping for some good weather this week!! Both of my grandsons are there!


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