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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Friendship Fire!

Hi everyone!

This week has been amazing. We had a blast at sock hop last night!

Sioux and Iroquois will be returning from their trips today.

Today for cabin activities, we will be collecting wood for the fire of friendship and packing bags to get ready  to return home.

It has been an awesome session!

Have a great day!

Talent Show!

Hi everyone,

Last night’s slime show was a blast! We had a wonderful time sliming our favorite counselors and directors.

It has been a rainy morning at Camp Jorn. Instead of classes, we will be having a talent show!

For breakfast today, we had eggs, bacon, and toast.

TEVA returns today from their four day long trip! Winnebago will be leaving on their trip later this afternoon.

Have a great day!


Slime Show!

Hi everyone!

Today was an amazing day! Arapahoe, Mohican, Menomonee, and those going white water rafting left on their trips today!

Although it rained earlier in the morning, the sun came out and the cabins were able to participate in fun cabin activities such as biking, tubing, and swimming.

Today for lunch we had hamburgers.

Tonight’s evening activity is the slime show, which is sure to be messy and fun!

Have a great night!

Session Two Begins!

Hi everyone,

All the campers have safely arrived at camp and we are ready to have an amazing week!

After the campers arrived last night, they took a swim test, picked their classes for the week, and enjoyed an evening of staff skits.

Today we had waffles for breakfast. We are all excited to have a wonderful first day.

Have a great day!

Friendship Fire!

Hi everyone,

This week has really flown by fast! Iroquois and Arapaho returned from their trips this morning.

For lunch today, we had chicken tenders and french fries.

This afternoon, we will be packing bags for those who leave tomorrow morning and also collecting firewood for tonight’s friendship fire!

It has been a great first session and we are so sad to see campers go, but hopefully we will have a lot of returning campers next summer!

Have a great day!

Sock Hop!

Hi everyone,

The campers had an awesome morning of classes today! Both Winnebago and Mohican returned from their trips safely. Arapaho and Iroquois are excited to leave on their trips this afternoon.

Today for lunch we had delicious sub sandwiches.

Tonight is the sock hop! Everyone is extremely excited to spend the evening getting dressed up and dancing with their friends!

Hope everyone is having a terrific day!

Obstacle Course!

Hi everyone,

Today, Kickapoo and Chippewa returned from their camping trips with smiling faces and fun stories! After these cabins put their supplies away, Winnebago and Mohican began to prepare for their trips which leave this afternoon. They will return tomorrow.

Today the weather has been a bit colder and cloudier than yesterday, but the campers are still enjoying a fun morning of classes!

For lunch today, we are having hot dogs.

Last night, the campers had an amazing time playing Minute to Win It! They are very excited to participate in tonight’s obstacle course.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Minute to Win It!

Hello everybody,

Session 1 is off to an amazing start! The weather is beautiful today and the campers are very energetic.

Kickapoo and Chippewa are getting ready to leave on their overnight camping trip. They will return from their trips tomorrow.

Today for lunch we will be having grilled cheese and tomato soup. After lunch, the cabins will participate in cabin activities ranging from tubing to horseback riding to kickball!

Tonight for the evening activity at campfire, the campers will be playing a number of short games in a series called Minute to Win It.

Hope everyone is having an amazing day!

Trivia Night!

Hello everyone!

Today was the first full day of camp and it went wonderfully!  After breakfast, the campers went to three classes that they were able to choose after arriving last night. Today for lunch we had delicious hamburgers and macaroni and cheese.

After a fun day of swimming, bike riding, sailing, and many other activities, the campers are preparing for a fun night of camper vs. counselor trivia! The weather has been beautiful today so the campers are excited to get to spend the afternoon outside!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Session One has Begun!!

IMG_3823 IMG_3822

Woohoo!  Summer 2014 has officially begun with the arrival of our Session One campers.  We could not be more excited!  Today was a busy day.  The clouds and rain changed into a beautiful sunny afternoon/evening just as the campers on the bus arrived.  Campers were introduced to their cabin mates, went on a round robin to various key places on camp, had swim assessments, signed up for classes, and more.  We had a yummy spaghetti dinner and ended the night with our opening campfire.  All is well at Camp Jorn, and tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day.   On a closing note, Happy Fathers Day to all of our wonderful CJ fathers and father figures.