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Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Magic Ball

Hello everybody,

Today’s theme is The Magic Ball!

This morning we had yet another beautiful and sunny day! Lots of cabins were still on their trips this morning but we still had so much fun. Sports played some soccer, crafts made dream catchers, and horsemanship road bareback today!

In trips news, Chippewa, Arapahoe, and Menominee got back from their trips just in time for lunch and following lunch Kickapoo, Winnebago, and Iroquois left for their trips!

We had a great time during cabin activities today! Cherokee got to do some baking, the LITs went tubing, and Arapahoe made some candy sushi!

Tonight’s campfire activity is the Sock Hop, known this week as the Magic Ball. Campers and staff are ready to dance the night away dressed up as princes and princesses, it’s going to be a blast! We hope to see everyone getting their groove on!

Have a great night everybody!

The Evil Queen’s Potion

Hey everybody,

Today’s them is The Evil Queen’s Potion!

This morning we woke up to all of camp covered in fog! Luckily the fog cleared before classes started and then we had a gorgeous day. Classes had so much fun in the sun today with canoeing practicing their capsizing, air riflery shot balloons, ans sports played some knock-out!

In trips news, Mohican and Cherokee got back from their trips with smiling faces, and Chippewa, Arapahoe, and Menominee left for their trips this afternoon!

This afternoon was a blast with cabins playing messy twister, making mat-food, and lots of tubing! We all had so much fun.

Tonight’s campfire activity is the Slime Show! In Camp Jorn’s version of the Slime Show we ask all of the cabins various trivia questions either relating to camp or the theme of the week, and for every right answer a cabin gets one camper may slime a staff member who is seated in the slime zone. This is a camp favorite for staff and campers alike. It’s going to be a great night!

Have a great evening!


Robin Hood

Hello everyone,

Today’s theme is Robin Hood!

We had a great morning full of awesome activities during classes! Horsemanship learned to trot today, sports played some ultimate Frisbee, and crafts made nature prints.

In other news, Mohican and Cherokee left on their trips this afternoon! They’re going to have a great time.

This afternoon cabins had so much fun in their cabin activities. Arapahoe played human shuffleboard, Iroquois and Menominee played a game of Kickball, and Chippewa went to get ice cream in town!

Tonight’s campfire activity is Wells Fargo! This is camp’s special version of capture the flag and it is so much fun. We are ready to get our war faces on!

Hope everyone had a great day!

Cinderella’s Slipper

Hello everybody,

Today’s theme is Cinderella’s Slipper!

We had a great sunny morning for our first day of classes today! Water skiing had a very successful morning with lots of campers up on the rope, horsemanship practiced their basic skills, and crafts made memory books for this week. Classes are off to a great start!

This afternoon we had so many fun cabin activities going on! Teva had an island day complete with tubing and the Hunger Games, Arapahoe and Winnebago played messy paint twister, and Mohican played human shuffleboard.

No trips left today, however, the CITs left yesterday for their trip and the LITs got back today! They made it!

Tonight’s campfire activity is Staff Hunt. The goal of staff hunt is to find as many staff members hiding around camp as possible so you can and get them to give you as much “money” as possible by doing some silly task. In the end whichever cabin has the most “money” gets to choose from some awesome prizes like milk and cookies or smores by the campfire! It’s going to be so much fun!

That’s all for tonight, folks!

Have a great night!

Session 6 Begins

Hello everyone,

All of the campers arrived safe and sound today for the Session 6 and we are ready to have an amazing week together! The theme for this week is Fairy Tales!

After all the campers arrived and got settled in they went on a tour of camp with their cabins, took a swim test, and picked their classes for this week. Then the campers got to know the Camp Jorn staff in an evening of staff skits around the campfire.

We had spaghetti, red sauce, and garlic bread for dinner tonight, yum! The campers are so ready to have a fantastic first day tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great day, goodnight!

Yggdrasil Connects All

Hello everyone,

Today’s theme is Yggdrasil Connects All! In Norse Mythology Yggdrasil is the world tree which connects all living things together. Very fitting seeing as that tonight we will be burning the Friendship Fire to cap off this amazing week we’ve had all together!

It was a bittersweet day for all of us at camp. This past week has been so much fun, we have learned so many things, we have made so many new friends, we’ve made new memories, and we’ve strengthened old friendships. And even though today was the last day campers and staff made a great one!

Today classes were unfortunately canceled due to rain but we still had loads of fun with our rainy day activity, Mr. and Mrs. Camp Jorn. In Mr. and Mrs. Camp Jorn cabins dress up their counselors as a member of the opposite gender and these counselors participate in a “beauty” pageant, so funny! The campers had a blast dressing their counselors up in silly, crazy outfits!

Following that this afternoon our campers collected firewood for our friendship fire, packed up to go home, and then had their last cabin activity.

Finally, tonight is our last campfire all together so to commemorate all the fun times, fun people, and great experiences we had this past week we will be having a Friendship Fire. This consists of two parts, the first being a reflection in the amphitheater with all the cabins and staff. The second part is a giant bonfire under the stars in the middle of the field. This is a very special experience for campers and staff alike.

In the morning we will have some yummy homemade doughnuts and then be on our way home!

Hope everybody had a great day, we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Party Like it’s 799

Hi everybody,

Today’s theme was Party Like it’s 799!

We had another lovely day today both on sea and on land. Classes had a great time today soaking up the sun and having fun!

The LITs left for their trip this morning, we’ll miss them! In other news Chippewa, Arapahoe, Sioux, Menominee, and Teva all got back from their trips today with smiling faces and fun stories. Later in the afternoon Winnebago and Iroquois left for their trips and Kickapoo left for a day trip to Fox Island!

This afternoon we had lots of fun during cabin activities which included tubing, the Hunger Games, swimming, and a camp wide game of Wells Fargo!

Tonight’s campfire activity was Sock Hop!! We had so much fun dancing the night away at our outdoor, viking themed dance party. We danced to the Cupid Shuffle, Bohemian Rhapsody, and even YMCA. Everyone had a blast!

Now it’s time for a good night’s rest. More to come tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great day, goodnight!



CIT Night

Hey everybody,

Today was another beautiful day here at Camp Jorn. We had some awesome activities during classes including some wake boarding in skiing, pillaging the dining hall in viking training, and even a life sized game of Monopoly in games!

Mohican and Cherokee got back from their trips today safe and sound; and Chippewa, Arapahoe, Sioux, and Menominee left for their trips this afternoon.

Speaking of, we had a blast this afternoon! The swim docks were hopping with campers and day campers alike and tubers were being pulled across the lake. On land we had messy twister going on, cabins biking to ice cream, and human shuffle board!

Tonight is CIT night, wooh! The CITs have set up an amazing campfire for us tonight and we can’t wait to see what they have in store. They have been hard at work today planning and preparing, and by the looks of it we have a fantastic night ahead of us!

Have a great night everyone!

Thor vs. Loki

Hello everyone,

Today’s theme is Thor vs. Loki!

We’ve had a great day so far here at Camp Jorn! Classes did so many fun activities today. Crafts created memory books, games played latter golf, and the vikings in training made Nordic rune signs for all the cabins and buildings on camp!

Teva left for their trip yesterday and they get back on Thursday, and today Mohican and Cherokee left for their overnight trips!

This afternoon we had lots of cool cabin activities going on. Arapahoe, Chippewa, and Sioux went tubing; Winnebago painted themselves in war paint and war canoed to ice cream, and Kickapoo played messy twister!

Tonight’s campfire activity is Wells Fargo! Wells Fargo is Camp Jorn’s own take on capture the flag. This game is so much fun. What’s more is that it being Norse Mythology week we all get to be vikings during this game, it’s going to be awesome!

More to come tomorrow.

Have a great night!

How to Train Your Viking

Hello everyone,

Today is How to Train Your Viking day!

We’ve had a beautiful day here at Camp Jorn and an amazing first day of classes! We had so many fun things going on today. Sailing learned how to scully, crafts made nature prints with leaves, pine cones and paint, and games and sports played an awesome game of ultimate Frisbee!

This afternoon after some grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch we had our cabin activities. Lots of cabins had fun in the water today, cooling off and doing activities like going to Fox Island, swimming, and tubing! We also had some fun on land activities that included Messy Twister, slip’n’slide, and even a diva day. So much fun!

Tonight’s campfire activity is Pillage the Village! This is the Viking themed version of our game called Gold Rush where each cabin is sent to look for hidden staff members around camp who have all have “gold”. However, in order to get the gold the cabin must first answer a trivia question or do a task to earn their gold. At the end whichever three cabins have the most gold get to choose from some awesome prizes like milk and cookies or even a sunset boat cruise. We’re going to have so much fun tonight!

Hope everbody had a good day and have a great night!