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Daily Archives: July 15, 2014

Tuesday #2

Hello everyone,

Today’s theme is Color Wars!

This morning was cold and grey so water classes came inside for the day. But no worries, we still had fun! Swimming played some ping-pong, water-skiing got comfy and watched a movie, crafts modge podged balloons, and horsemanship practiced their speed control today!

The CITs returned from their trip today! And in other trips news: Chippewa left on their trip today and Winnebago and Iroquois are still on their trip.

Tonight our campfire activity is the Slime Show! Camp Jorn’s version of the Slime Show consists of a game of trivia. For every answer a cabin gets right one camper from said cabin gets to “slime” a counselor or staff member sitting in the slime zone. It’s going to get messy! 🙂

Have a great night everybody!