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Hey everybody,

The sun came out today!!

It was a beautiful day for all things camp and this morning we had lots of fun in classes. In first hour sailing we had a camper go all the way around Fox Island, what an accomplishment! Today air riflery went on a secret mission, crafts painted rocks, and horsemanship played tag on the horses. It was a great morning.

This afternoon we had so many fun cabin activities. Mohican made blanket forts in their cabin, Arapahoe and Sioux went to ice cream, and Winnebago went to rice creek today!

For those that don’t know, Rice Creek is a special place that we’ve been going to for a long time here at Camp Jorn. Rice Creek is a creek that runs under a road through a huge tube and campers go through it almost like how you would go down a water slide at a water park, it’s so much fun! We had a great time there today.

This evening’s campfire activity is Wells Fargo!! Wells Fargo is camp’s version of capture the flag, however, in this form each player wears a sock in their back pocket or tucked into their pants and members of the opposite team can take socks from other people in order to momentarily take them out of the game. In order to get back in the game a member of the same team must give you a sock so you can resume playing. This is a camp favorite!

That’s all for tonight, have a great night everyone!


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