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Daily Archives: July 18, 2014

Friday #2

Hello everyone,

Today’s theme is You’ve Got a Friend in Me!

It was a bittersweet day for all of us at camp. These past two weeks have been so much fun, we have learned so many things, we have made so many new friends, and we’ve strengthened old friendships. And even though today was the last day campers and staff made it the best day of all!

Today in classes we saw our campers accomplish some amazing things. Environmental ed. placed their Leave No Trace signs on Fox Island today, horsemanship practiced all their skills they’ve learned today by playing a game in which the campers on horseback placed dabber-lancers in tins of paint and painted the horse instructors, and sailing sailed all the way from the sail docks into downtown Manitowish Waters. What an exciting day!

Following that this afternoon our campers collected firewood for our friendship fire, packed up to go home, and then had their last cabin activity. Chippewa went tubing, Sioux played Hunger Games with Teva, and Kickapoo mad some candy sushi!

Finally, tonight is our last campfire all together so to commemorate all the fun times, fun people, and great experiences we had these past two weeks we will be having a Friendship Fire. This consists of two parts, the first being a reflection in the amphitheater with all the cabins and staff. The second part is a giant bonfire under the stars in the middle of the field. This is a very special experience.

Hope everybody had a great day, we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!