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How to Train Your Viking

Hello everyone,

Today is How to Train Your Viking day!

We’ve had a beautiful day here at Camp Jorn and an amazing first day of classes! We had so many fun things going on today. Sailing learned how to scully, crafts made nature prints with leaves, pine cones and paint, and games and sports played an awesome game of ultimate Frisbee!

This afternoon after some grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch we had our cabin activities. Lots of cabins had fun in the water today, cooling off and doing activities like going to Fox Island, swimming, and tubing! We also had some fun on land activities that included Messy Twister, slip’n’slide, and even a diva day. So much fun!

Tonight’s campfire activity is Pillage the Village! This is the Viking themed version of our game called Gold Rush where each cabin is sent to look for hidden staff members around camp who have all have “gold”. However, in order to get the gold the cabin must first answer a trivia question or do a task to earn their gold. At the end whichever three cabins have the most gold get to choose from some awesome prizes like milk and cookies or even a sunset boat cruise. We’re going to have so much fun tonight!

Hope everbody had a good day and have a great night!


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