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Daily Archives: July 24, 2014

Party Like it’s 799

Hi everybody,

Today’s theme was Party Like it’s 799!

We had another lovely day today both on sea and on land. Classes had a great time today soaking up the sun and having fun!

The LITs left for their trip this morning, we’ll miss them! In other news Chippewa, Arapahoe, Sioux, Menominee, and Teva all got back from their trips today with smiling faces and fun stories. Later in the afternoon Winnebago and Iroquois left for their trips and Kickapoo left for a day trip to Fox Island!

This afternoon we had lots of fun during cabin activities which included tubing, the Hunger Games, swimming, and a camp wide game of Wells Fargo!

Tonight’s campfire activity was Sock Hop!! We had so much fun dancing the night away at our outdoor, viking themed dance party. We danced to the Cupid Shuffle, Bohemian Rhapsody, and even YMCA. Everyone had a blast!

Now it’s time for a good night’s rest. More to come tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great day, goodnight!