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Cinderella’s Slipper

Hello everybody,

Today’s theme is Cinderella’s Slipper!

We had a great sunny morning for our first day of classes today! Water skiing had a very successful morning with lots of campers up on the rope, horsemanship practiced their basic skills, and crafts made memory books for this week. Classes are off to a great start!

This afternoon we had so many fun cabin activities going on! Teva had an island day complete with tubing and the Hunger Games, Arapahoe and Winnebago played messy paint twister, and Mohican played human shuffleboard.

No trips left today, however, the CITs left yesterday for their trip and the LITs got back today! They made it!

Tonight’s campfire activity is Staff Hunt. The goal of staff hunt is to find as many staff members hiding around camp as possible so you can and get them to give you as much “money” as possible by doing some silly task. In the end whichever cabin has the most “money” gets to choose from some awesome prizes like milk and cookies or smores by the campfire! It’s going to be so much fun!

That’s all for tonight, folks!

Have a great night!


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