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The Evil Queen’s Potion

Hey everybody,

Today’s them is The Evil Queen’s Potion!

This morning we woke up to all of camp covered in fog! Luckily the fog cleared before classes started and then we had a gorgeous day. Classes had so much fun in the sun today with canoeing practicing their capsizing, air riflery shot balloons, ans sports played some knock-out!

In trips news, Mohican and Cherokee got back from their trips with smiling faces, and Chippewa, Arapahoe, and Menominee left for their trips this afternoon!

This afternoon was a blast with cabins playing messy twister, making mat-food, and lots of tubing! We all had so much fun.

Tonight’s campfire activity is the Slime Show! In Camp Jorn’s version of the Slime Show we ask all of the cabins various trivia questions either relating to camp or the theme of the week, and for every right answer a cabin gets one camper may slime a staff member who is seated in the slime zone. This is a camp favorite for staff and campers alike. It’s going to be a great night!

Have a great evening!



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