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American Ninja Warrior

Hi everbody,

Today’s theme is American Ninja Warrior! Hiiiiyah!

It’s been a grey morning but no rain so far, so classes have gone off without a hitch! Speaking of, we’ve had lots of fun in classes today. Crafts made memory books, sports played soccer, and wilderness survival learned how to build a lean-to!

As for this afternoon, we have tons of awesome cabin activities planned. Iroquois is learning how to play quidditch, Chippewa is biking to get ice cream, and Cherokee is playing a game of messy twister, just to name a few!

Tonight’s campfire activity is going to be Wells Fargo! This is Camp Jorn’s special version of capture the flag and it is a favorite among campers and staff alike. We are so ready to get our Ninja faces on! Wooh!

Hope everyone’s having a great day!



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