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Whose Line is it?

Hey everybody,

Today’s theme is ‘Whose Line is it?’!

We had yet another beautiful day today which started off a little differently than normal because we had breakfast outside! Sioux and Cherokee pulled a prank by bringing all of the tables and benches from the dining hall outside but we all enjoyed the crisp air and beautiful views.

Classes had lots of fun in the sun today. Crafts made dream catchers, sailing sailed around Fox Island, and swimming played a game of trivia where each wrong answer equaled jumping into the lake, fun, fun, fun!

This afternoon we had tons of great cabin activities. Cheyenne and Cherokee played human shuffleboard, Sioux and Iroquois played kickball, and Kickapoo even washed Katie’s car for her, how cute!

Tonight’s campfire activity is the Slime Show! In Camp Jorn’s version of the Slime Show we ask all of the cabins various trivia questions either relating to camp or the theme of the week, and for every right answer a cabin gets one camper may slime a staff member who is seated in the slime zone. This is a camp favorite for staff and campers alike. It’s going to be a great night!

Hope everybody had a great day, goodnight!



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