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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Taylor Swift Tuesday

This morning we had breakfast and jammed to some taylor swift to get this tuesday started!
Hoodies and sweat pants were a must for most of the day, it was quite chilly out. We had smiley fries and mini corn dogs for lunch today, no one could have a bad day when the food menu is filled with such fun food. We also have a lot of fun here at Camp Jorn in general! The favorite activity when asked today was TUBING!, even when its cold out the kids still loved tubing.

The trips left today with no issues! YIPPEE!

Tonight we are playing an egg drop game for campfire and other than being cold it should be a great night!


Hey everyone!

Even though the skies may have looked a little scary today we are all good and safe! The weather just gave us more time to stay in our cabins and bond with one another. The sun is back out and the rain has gone away just in time for us to go to dinner and have sweet potato fries and chicken parmesan.

Tonights campfire activity is the slime show! This will be the first time we will be doing this this year and it should be an awesome time!

Session 3!!!!

Hey everyone!!

We thought we were gong to get rained out today but the weather was in our side! We bonded with our cabins and took our swim tests today!

We had a wonderful spaghetti dinner on this fine Sunday night and just did a round robin to get to know camp!

We are about to have a wonderful opening campfire and sing some songs and do some skits!

Friendship Fire was a success!

Hey Everyone!

sorry the post is late we had a fun filled day today to end the session!

We hung out in our trails group and focused on our words. 1st year campers had the word friendship and all the kids made friendship bracelets for each other to remind them that they have made forever friends here at camp.

The sunshine was nice to have on our last day here and enjoy the last full day of our activities we have on camp. We even were lucky enough to eat dirt pudding for desert!

Tonight was filled with emotions as the campers said bye to each other around the friendship fire and all we have left is the breakfast tomorrow. It is sad to see everyone go but happy we got to meet everyone!


Hey everyone!

Yes subs and pizza all in the same day, that was what was cheering from the kids today. The wonderful Subs for lunch AND we get blessed with pizza for dinner today as well. This is how you know its gonna be a good day! The skills park for the bikes was closed for a bit today with it being so muddy but now that the sun is out the campers are enjoying that fun area during free time. Tonight we will be playing FTX, an extreme field game in the woods where we have to capture each others flags and see who has the most at the end! This went over well last week I’m sure it will be even better this week!

Another Wet Wednesday here at Camp

Hey Everyone!

The day started out nice and sunny, we made sure everyone was wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water. The campers screamed of excitement when they found out we were having burgers and MAC AND CHEESE for lunch. We had a big camp Kickball game going today as well, that was fun. The trips came back today and everything went smooth! The white water rafting trip left today and get to white water rafting tomorrow.

The rain looks like it might be here to stay for the night so tonight’s campfire is going to turn into a Camp Jorn family game night. ¬†We will have a bunch of games spread out in the buildings and the kids will get to rotate and get their game on!

Sunny day here at Camp Jorn

Hey everyone!

The sun was shining all day today, a lot of campers enjoyed the water sports today to get in the sun and in the water.

Chippewa, Mohican, and Arapahoe are on their trips tonight and will return tomorrow!

We had a wonderful Taco Tuesday today and some apple/cherry crisp for desert. Campfire should be interesting tonight with the game we are playing. We are taking a spin on our favorite wells fargo ( a capture the flag type of game) and making it a water game. Campers will be placed in canoes and will have to capture each others flags! it should be wet and wild!

Rainy days call for talent shows!

Hey everyone!

TEVA and LIT are back safe from their trip!

The weather has been a bit wet today but we still got to continue with our daily plans!

Our normal outdoor campfire will be held inside the dining hall today and we will be having a TALENT SHOW! we just gave the news to the campers after our awesome roast beef and mashed potatoes and vegetables dinner, they couldn’t be any more excited!

The rain won’t stop us from having a great and eventful night!

Session 2 is here!

The bus arrived today on time and the fun started! we had a warm welcome and sang some songs. We have had a fun afternoon full of swim tests, and getting to know our cabins. We just ate a great spaghetti dinner and ready to do our round robin stations. The campers will learn where everything is and what fun things we will get to do this week!

Tonight we will have opening campfire and sing a bunch of songs and do skits it will be a great night!

The LIT and TEVA group from last week are still on their trip and will return tomorrow!

Friendship Fire!

Hey everyone!

As sad as it the week is coming to an end. The TEVA and LIT groups left for their weekend trip today. For the rest of the campers we had a day full of fun activities, bonding with our cabins and collecting firewood for our friendship fire today. The sun shined on us as we made dream catchers in crafts outside and swam as well as skied.

We had a family style dinner of ham, potatoes, corn and even had birthday cake for desert!

The fire is huge and ready to be lit. Tonight will be emotional and exciting. it will be sad to see the campers go but we were blessed to have such amazing kids for our first session.