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Sock it Tuesday!

Hey Everyone!

CITs are still on their trips, LITs are on their week of shadowing the directors and get to see the behind the scenes of what it really takes to be a staff member! TEVA had a chance to go and do laundry today in town after most of their clothes got wet on their trip this past weekend!

Yesterdays Murder Mystery Party went so well. We had “special guests” on the boat including Beyonce, One Direction, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Elsa of Frozen, and Mariah Carey. Sadly we found out Beyonce was the murderer, so we threw her in the lake.

Today we were able to stay outside and do all our of classes and activities, the rain gave us a chance to go out and play.

Just like every Tuesday here at camp we enjoyed some Taylor swift jams in the morning and had a Laffy taffy lunch. We had Taco Tuesday tonight and DIRT CAKE for desert.

Tonights campfire activity is called Sock it! The game is based around campers splitting off in groups and go around camp completing a bunch of tasks such as wheel burrow races, archery, making baskets on the court, performing skits, and much more. Everytime they complete a task they will receive the Station Masters initials and whatever group completes the most tasks the fastest wins! Its going to be a great night!


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