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Learn why staff come to Camp Jorn

Camp has been an important part of my life for eight summers now, four of which were spent as counselor. I choose to come back to Camp Jorn each year because I love to make an impact on the kids that come here, whether it is big or small. Most of the time that impact is encouraging the campers to be themselves by embracing their differences and expressing the characteristics that make them unique. For the past couple summers I have been working in the leadership program with 13-15 year olds; an age group that commonly struggles with being themselves because they are worried about judgment from their peers. By creating a welcoming environment, every child is given the opportunity to display their true selves and I believe that is the best part about coming to camp. I too have found that I become the best version of myself while at camp because I am not afraid to show my various oddities that make me who I am. – Rachel Silverman


Hello! My name is Kris (Known around camp as Kit Kat!). I am the Program Operations Director. I have spent two summers working at another YMCA camp as a camp counselor and this is my first time here at Camp Jorn! I decided to spend another summer in the camp world because I love working with the kids every day and seeing the impact this place has on them. The memories that are made at camp can last a lifetime! I can’t wait to have an awesome summer! – Kris Bensen



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