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Wells Fargo Evening

It was announced at dinner that all campers and staff should wear long pants and running shoes. Right when that was said, one game came to mind and it has been a long lived and loved game at Camp Jorn. The name of the game is Wells Fargo.

As all the children and staff changed into the proper clothing, the excitement was building up inside us all. It was just about time for the big game, but we could not forget about singing “Camp Jorn will Shine,” as we do at the beginning of each night in the Amphitheater. We all sang and cheered, bringing us closer and enjoying our time here together.

Next in the process was receiving the face paint to determine the separate teams. Purple or green, no matter what team, it was time to go to the extreme. This game is very similar to capture the flag in that each team has to work together to sprint across the field and gain cones for their team. The more cones grabbed and ran back, the more successful the team will be.

No matter what, everyone wins because we had an amazing, fun night at Camp Jorn!


More posts to come and check out photos from the week and Wells Fargo at this link:  



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