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Great Things Happening

What a busy day we have had, a busy day indeed! It has been a reoccurrence the past few weeks that it rains on Thursdays and, of course, that continues. The rain does not stop us though! 

We had a few of our cabins leave safely for their overnight camping trips and they will be making some yummy s’mores together. Nothing bonds a group better than s’mores, sitting around a fire, and talking!

Another great thing today is that Day Camp is spending the night here at camp! So, they got to participate in our evening activity and have lots of fun!

Our evening activity was a Camp Jorn Talent Show! Each cabin had their own act and then some campers made their own performances too. We have very talented people here at camp! 

We are close to the end of the week, but we still have our Friendship Fire to look forward to before campers leave to go home! 

Happy Thursday! 

Monday, July 11th

This week we have so many campers and the energy is so great from it! Lots of friendships reuniting, laughs shared, and activities everywhere! Today, TEVA played four way soccer, Arapahoe went fishing/swimming, and some competitions between cabins in dodgeball and gaga occurred. In the evening, many songs were sung and everyone played Wells Fargo, a well known tradition here at Camp Jorn. Busy day full of play! 
Check out our Smug Mug for photos of the cabins and activities happening here! 

Yet Again A Rainy Thursday

Rain rain go away, come again another day. A week ago today it was raining and yet again, we have a rainy Thursday. That doesn’t stop us! The cabins enjoyed each other’s time and got to spend the day together in their cabins. Lots of games occurred and friendship bracelets too. Never a dull moment here at camp! 

Trips Galore! 

Trips trips trips. We love our camping trips! We have all of our cabins out on camping trips tonight. Must have the kitchen crew confused for the evening having a little number of people there to cook for! So the campers have been having a great time making s’mores, talking with one another, and sleeping in tents. So much happiness and laughter! 

This is our Winnebago cabin having a grand old time! 

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! We had such a busy day at camp! We were a part of the parade in Manitowish Waters where we sang camp songs, waved, and some of the campers got to ride in our float which was a canoe! Later in the day, we went swimming to cool off. In the evening, we had our very own Camp Jorn carnival with lots of fun games! Finally, to end the long day of festivities, we all watched fireworks over the lake. It was so special and beautiful!

We hope you all had an amazing Fourth of July! 

For photos from the day, check out our Smug Mug! 

Friendship Fire Finale Friday

Wow, this week flew by and it is already Friday! Can not believe it! It feels like just yesterday the campers were meeting each other for the first time on Sunday and now they have gotten so close. It is incredible to see the new friendships that have formed this week.

Today is a lot of packing and cleaning to have them ready to head home, but tonight we have our special Friendship Fire. The Friendship Fire is a tradition here at camp where we honor each other for doing great this week and sharing our stories. Also, we have a huge fire in the middle of the field that brings us together as one unified group. It is a fun time for everyone!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Photos of the day and our Friendship Fire to come. Keep a look out on Smug Mug!

Rainy Day Thursday

The day started out strong with all the campers at their fun activities and continuing to learn and gain experience in them. Slowly, as the morning went on, the sky started to get darker and darker. It seemed as if a storm was brewing. All of a sudden, it started to pour. The rain fall created many puddles everywhere which added a new element to all the activities, but the rain stopped no one. As the rain poured, campers continued to play, swim, craft, and more. A little rain doesn’t stop camp fun!

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”