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60 Years in the Making

Friendship Fire-We the Elders

Greetings all!

Another summer is roaring towards us! Every summer brings with it new excitement and it’s own uniqueness, but this year marks a very special place in our history.  This summer, we are celebrating our 60th anniversary!!  60 years is an accomplishment, but for CJ it feels like an even bigger accomplishment because it involves so many.  In the camping world, we say “we’re in the relationship business,” and it’s true.  Our history is only important because of all the connections and relationships we’ve made with the people that have crossed our path.  Not only would we not be in existence without you, but we wouldn’t have had such a rich and fulfilling past and an even brighter future to look forward to, without you.  For that, we thank you!

This August 16 through 19, we’ll be wrapping up our summer with a 60th anniversary weekend celebration, and we hope you can join us!  Friday evening, August 16, will kick off the weekend with a group dinner and performance from Bret & Frisk.  Saturday will host many of your favorite camp activities like canoeing on Rest Lake, horseback riding, water skiing, archery, etc.  We’ll also have a special celebration Saturday night.  Sunday, we’ll host our Up-North community pancake breakfast and leave you to your leisure to enjoy CJ.  To register, please check out our 60th anniversary page on our website or call the camp office at 715-543-8808.

We’re also in the process of creating a Camp Jorn History book, with help of author “Buckshot” Anderson.  Buckhot, is gathering stories from alumni to add to the book and get a feel of what the last 60 years at camp have been like.  If you’d like to share your CJ story to be considered for the book, please go to our online questionnaire.  The book will also feature photos from over the last 60 years.  If you’d like to see our historical photos you can view them at SmugMug or on our Camp Jorn YMCA Facebook page.

Although things have changed in many ways over the last 60 years at Camp Jorn, many things remain the same.  Children still sing the same songs, take the same bus ride up to camp, swim & play in Rest Lake, have camp outs at Fox Island, and come to camp for new adventures and leave as better people than when they arrived.  That is what CJ is at it’s heart, and something that will stand the test of time.

CJ Love

New Year, New Blog

Wow, the inaugural blog post of the NEW Camp Jorn blog, Now is My Story.  It’s a challenging task!  I think I’ll start with a welcome, and an introduction to what we hope happens with this blog.

WELCOME!  We are excited to add to Camp Jorn’s social media outlets by starting a blog for EVERYONE associated with Camp Jorn- that means campers, staff, alumni, families, volunteers, board members, child care kids and families, day camp kids and families…  the list goes on!!  As we look towards our 60th year of camp (2013), we are proud yet humbled to see how many people have walked the paths of Camp Jorn, recognizing and developing value in themselves and in the world around them.

This blog will be another way for everyone to stay connected to Camp, and to see what goes on here from month to month throughout each year.  We’ll show you photos of the facilities and the people we are blessed to have at camp.  We’ll offer “how to” articles and videos.   We’ll also feature some people, like campers, staff, alumni, even Tucker the dog, and offer news and articles that are relevant to the camp experience.

If you have something you’d like to contribute to the blog, at any time, please let us know!  We’d love to hear from you, and to feature “guest bloggers” from time to time.  Feel free to comment on our blog posts as well- we’ll be approving comments and then posting them for all to see, which helps so many others who will read our blog!

Be sure to send a link to Now is My Story to everyone you know.  Let’s build our community and tell the world about Camp Jorn!!!

Happy Camping,