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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Thursday is here!

Can you believe that this week is almost over, we can’t.

Our CIT’s got back from their 6-day trip yesterday, so today was their first full day back. They all went to the Lakeland food pantry to do some volunteering.

Tonight we had a fun evening activity planned; we had a massive kickball game. game staff versus campers. That’s not all we will also be had a game of knock out to end the evening.

So be sure to check out the photos on Facebook and Smugmug.

Can You believe it’s Wednesday already?

Today has been windy and warm.

We had ham and potatoes for dinner, which was so yummy, but also dirt cake end the meal.

Tonight during campfire campers will get assigned a director and will need to prove why their director is the best program area using songs and skits. Its going to be a great evening.

As we turn the corner for the week campers are getting closer than ever with their cabin mates and are excited to be here.

Taco Tuesday!

Today was a cooler day than the rest, but still warm. Campers were running around all day going to classes and cabin activities. The LIT’s played various water games with cabins to stay a little cooler.

Everything is going great here in the Northwoods and the campers seem to be getting more and more outgoing as the week progresses.

We had one camper complete all the levels of the bike course already, which is really impressive.

Dinner tonight is Taco’s, a camper favorite!

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Today was a very hot day!

But campers stayed hydrated by having ice-cold water jugs in various places on camp and carried their own water bottles around camp.

It was a long, and exciting day. We had some tie-dye, bonding games, and water fun!

The campers are all thrilled to be here and our looking forwards to the rest of the week.


Hi everyone!

Today started day one of session 7! The campers were so excited as they ran off the bus! Today was full of bonding with our cabins, swim tests, and learning our safety procedures. We had a yummy spaghetti dinner, and then signed up for our classes for the week, ending with an energetic campfire full of songs and staff skits!

Campers go and shower and get ready for bed because they have a long exciting week in store!

Session 6 has come to an end.

Hey everyone!

Today is the last full day of session 6. Sadly this week has to come to an end but we have had an amazing week. We were blessed with great weather today.

We had our last day of classes and collected fire wood for our friendship fire today. Sioux and Iroquois returned from their trip this morning. The CITS left on their trip today and will return next week.

We just had a healthy fish friday dinner and are enjoying our last free time. Soon after will follow our friendship fire ceremony and lighting of the fire. It will be an emotional and memorable night.

who you gonna call..? GHOST BUSTERS

Hey everyone,

The smell of sunscreen filled the air today as all the kids made sure they wouldn’t get burnt on this sunny day! The trips came back today and raved that their trips were so much fun. Sioux, and Iroquois went on their trips today!

We had subs for lunch and pizza for dinner today. Groups played hunger games today, went sailing, and went to our “water park” rice creek!

Tonight we get to play a game based on the movie GHOSTBUSTERS and it should be so much fun. Staff will be hiding all around camp and the kids will have to find them to win the game!


Hey everyone!
Trips came back in time for morning flagpole today, they had great weather all night and the cabins had a blast and a great time bonding with each other.  Chippewa, Winnebago, and Cherokee left for their trip this afternoon.

Cabins got to make pudgy pies today for cabin activities! The pies are made up of peanut butter, chocolate frosting, and apple filling. We also made personal pizzas as well. A few cabins were taught german dodgeball today, a great way to learn a new game from a different culture.

Tonight is a perfect night to play the famous wells fargo. The dining hall went crazy when the evening activity was announced. They settled down and finished their chicken and apple strudel for dinner and now are ready to play!


Hey everyone!
This Taylor swift, laffy taffy, and taco Tuesday has been glorious! The sun has been out and the breeze has been just right. Campers went sailing, swimming, rode horses, did crafts, biking, and skiing today. Some of the cabin activities that went on today were Low ropes, Tubing, Nature projects, and a trip to rice creek!

Mohican, Arapahoe, and Kickapoo left for their trips today and will arrive back tomorrow for breakfast!

As is every Tuesday, tonight was TACO TUESDAY and everyone couldn’t have run faster to the dining hall to get some tacos in their tummies.

Tonight we are playing a wild west hunting for gold activity! This is a new activity but it sounds super fun and the campers will love it!


Hey Everyone!

Today is the first Monday since camp started that it hasn’t rained on us, if that isn’t a sign that its going to be an amazing week i don’t know what is!

TEVA came back from their trip today, had an amazing hiking trip and got to see the largest waterfall in Wisconsin.

Some cabins got to go to rice creek today for their cabin activities, they had a lot of fun. We got to sit with our trails today during trading post time. Trails is when campers get to know other campers who have been going to camp the same amount of years they have, they may not be in the same cabins but its a chance to get to know more and new people.

We just  ate chicken strips for dinner and celebrated three birthdays that will be taking place this week and had birthday cake for desert!