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Camp Jorn YMCA is a year-round facility located in the beautiful north woods of Wisconsin.  Our mission is for all who engage in Camp Jorn experiences to recognize and develop value in themselves and the world around them.  We have been helping people of all ages build this value since 1953.  With a summer resident camp program, day camp, year-round child care, and rental groups of all types, Camp Jorn is always busy, and there is always something for everyone!  Call us at 715-543-8808 any time, or visit our website at to learn more and feel the CJ love.

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  1. Jennifer Epker Dawes

    Some of the most cherished memories are at camp when I was a child into young adulthood. I have lived my life with the motto of; god is first, the other man is second and I am third. When I get stuck as we all do in life, I revert to this saying. Camping in the summer was awesome and I have still have friends that I keep in touch with. But… the best memories were of being asked to go with my dad up to camp. I learned a work ethic from him and saw from a early age to give and not expect to receive and to use our talents to make things better. You see my dad had the gift to fix things. He was amazing keeping the camp going when funds were so low. He and his friend would fly up to camp and work all weekend and then come home go straight to work and fix things from our home or his service station. The camp bus, the old OMC boat, or there was the time when he got hospital mattress donated and he and had a friend drive his big rig up with the mattress. Yes, that truck made it thru the entry on Red Feather Road. The old brick entrance. We were all so excited to have new nice mattresses to sleep on. I know the camp has been modernized some what and some of us old camper’s think it’s not like the old camp days. Things might look different on the outside but the same wonderful camp and motto’s are still part of tradition. I call camp “Progress” My dad, would of been so happy to know how much my kids love camp. When dad died, there was only one place that would be fitting to have a ceremony and sprinkle his ashes. He will always and forever be a part of camp, just like all of us that have had the CJ experience. Jennifer Epker Dawes


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