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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Leadership campers arrive tomorrow

We are excited to welcome our LIT and CIT Pathfinders to Camp Jorn tomorrow, Saturday 29th.  Their session is three weeks long.  They will learn leadership skills, go on a wilderness trip, learn about mentoring younger campers and of course, have a ton of fun at CJ!!!


See you tomorrow leadership campers!!!


CJ Staff

The Haunted Trail!

Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween!

The morning classes today went well, the kids have gotten the hang of the days routine.

After lunch, there is a lot of cabins this afternoon that will be going tubing, horseback riding or going to get ice cream. 

Since today is Halloween here at Camp Jorn, and everyone is excited for the Haunted Trail that will happen after The Sock Hop tonight!

Chippewa and Kickapoo will both make it back from their day trips just in time for this evening’s activities, but Iroquois will be leaving today on their overnight trip and will get back tomorrow. 



Warm Fuzzie Lovin’ Day!

Hello Everyone,

We are full of love today because, it is Valentine’s Day here at Camp Jorn. This means Warm Fuzzies (a nice note given to another person) are being passed around all over camp!

Penny is making hamburgers and veggie burgers for lunch. Sioux, Menominee and White Water Rafting are leaving for their overnight trip this afternoon. While the rest of camp will be participating in the Bean Carnival! The Bean Carnival is essentially a carnival where each cabin comes up with and runs a booth, and other campers pay with beans to participate in the activities.

The kids and staff always have a great time with the carnival!

Look out for more pictures!

Happy Christmahanakwanzakavus!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Christmahanakwanzakavus (Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ Festivus)! The weather is perfect today for outdoor activities, especially swimming! 

Later today Arapahoe and Sioux will be going to Rice Creek! While Mohican and Winnebago will be going on their day trips, and coming back after dinner. Cherokee and Cheyenne will be going on overnight trips and will be returning tomorrow around lunch.

For dinner tonight is is Taco Tuesday, and at campfire we will be playing Wells Fargo (capture the flag/ flag football)! 

More photos to come!


Happy Holidays!

Hello Everyone,

This week is Holidays Week, where each day we will celebrate a different Holiday! Today is April Fool’s day, so friendly pranks are being pulled all over Camp!

This Morning, the campers got to enjoy their first day of classes, which included water ski, horseback riding, air riflery, archery, crafts, swimming, sailing, and much more! 

This Afternoon, Yacqui and Lenape are leaving for their overnight trips and will be back tomorrow morning right before lunch. Arapahoe is leaving for a day trip and will be back after dinner tonight. The rest of the cabins will be participating in activities with their whole cabin.

Tonight, during campfire, we will be playing Skivia (scavenger hunt/trivia)! 

More Pictures to come!

Session Two has begun

Hi Everyone,


The buses have arrived safely and all campers are here and ready to start session two……this week is HOLIDAYS week!!!  Tonight is Chinese New Year. We have April Fools, Chrismahanakwanzakavus  (did you get them all???), Valentines, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Whew lots of holidays to celebrate and have some fun.

It’s warm today..78 right now.

Sphagetti for dinner tonight and after a quick nursey check and swim evaluation we have campfire and staff silliness.  We are SO excited to have lots of kids here this week.

We will post some photos of the cabin groups this evening.


CJ Staff

Talent Show!

Hello Everyone,

Today since it has been raining the kids got to participate in the Camp Jorn Talent Show! All the cabins and a few individual acts signed up to show case there talents! The winner was Ellie who tumbled her way across the dining hall and got 15 spirit points for her cabin Winnebago! 

This Afternoon, it looks like the rain is going to let up so we can participate in Cabin Activities and the kids will start to pack up because they leave us tomorrow!

This week has just flown by and we are not ready for Session One campers to leave just yet!

Rainy Day Activities!

Hello Everyone,

Today has been a crazy day, with hail this morning and thunderstorms this afternoon! Although the kids are having fun making candy sushi, friendship bracelets, and tie-dying! There was a few sunny hours where the kids got to play messy twister!

The White Water Rafting trip went very well! There was not a rain drop the entire trip and everyone had a blast! All the kids said “That was Awesome!” when they got back to camp.

Tonight we have our weekly Sock Hop! Which will be indoors, and everyone will be dressing in their finest superhero outfits.

Hope everyone has a nice Thursday! We are sad that tomorrow is our last full day with Session One Campers, but we will have Friendship Fire tomorrow night!

Slime Show!

Hello Everyone,

Today is a sunny day at Camp Jorn, the children are getting used to the routine of classes and cabin activities (and waking up early)! White Water Rafting, Arapahoe, and Iroquois are leaving for their trips today and will be back tomorrow!

Penny is cooking short ribs for lunch and fish tonight for dinner!

For campfire tonight, the kids will be participating in the Slime Show! Where they will have to answer trivia questions about Camp, and if they get it right,they get to slime their favorite counselor or director!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!

Day Two for the Session One Campers!

Hello Everyone,

This morning was very exciting, especially for the Arts and Crafts kids, they were able to watch a Totem Pole being made! They took a field trip to our neighbor and Craft Instructor Elizabeth’s house and watched as a wood carver formed the Totem Pole. 


Mohican arrived back at camp today and will participate in cabin activities this afternoon. While TEVA voyaged out on their 4 day hiking trip, and Cherokee is going on an overnight trip to Stone Lake after lunch.

This afternoon, a few cabins are going tubing and out for ice cream on the pontoon boat! While other cabins will be in the water on this sunny day. 

Tonight, during Camp Fire, all the cabins that are on Camp will participate in Wells Fargo. Which is a game similar to Capture the Flag and Flag Football. Then they will have a chance to jump into the lake right after the game!

Pictures are on their way!