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Thursday is already here!

Can you believe that the week is almost over? we can’t. This week has honestly flown on by.

We had great weather today, no rain at all!

Tonights dinner was some delicious pizza and ice cream and cookies for dessert!

At campfire tonight campers will experience something they have never seen before, the game is called ghostbusters and campers will have to roam around camp with their cabin looking for a ghost to catch and walk them silently to the swim docks where there will be a trail with all of camp weather that ghost should be pushed in or not. Its going to be a wild ride and a great night here at camp!

Happy Thursday!


Today has been a great day!

We welcomed back the LIT group and the TEVA group from their trip. They both had an amazing trip and have nothing but great stories and smiles.

Lots of exciting activities today such as low ropes, tubing, crafts and the list goes on.

Dinner was chicken, corn and potatoes, yummy. With brownies for dessert!

Tonight at campfire the CIT’s have planned it all and will be putting their leadership skills to the test tonight.

Overall we have reached the halfway marker for the week and having a great time up here!

Taco Tuesday!

Today has been a day of excitement. Starting the day with a little Taylor Swift in the morning to wake up and get ready to have a great day.

It was a little chilly in the morning, but as the day went on the weather got nicer and nicer.

Campers had a blast sailing today because the wind couldn’t of been more perfect. Our advanced sail class learned how to solo sail today!

Tonights dinner is taco’s and nachos, yummy!

At campfire the campers and staff will be playing the ever so famous Wells Fargo!

Today was another great day to continue the week with, campers are getting close with their cabin mates and bonding very nicely.


Our first full day for session 8 was a huge success.

Started the day with some morning music monday with pancakes and sausage.

Campers enjoyed the cloudy day we had, not too hot, but warm enough to go swimming.

Tonights dinner was chicken tenders and fries, with some birthday cake for dessert. At campfire we are playing a fun game called Inspector Gadget! Where the campers run around looking for clues and money to solve the case.

Parents and friends don’t forget to check facebook and smugmug for other up dates and pictures.

Session 8 Is feeling Great

Our final session has begun.

Campers have more energy than ever and so does our staff.

Cabins got a chance to go around to see all of camp today, bond with their cabin mates, and take their swim test. It’s already been a busy day and this week will be full of new experiences.

Tonight we have spaghetti for dinner, a sunday night classic. After dinner camper will get to sign up for the classes they would like to take for the rest of the week.

Ending our night at the campfire for some fun songs and skits.

Thursday is here!

Can you believe that this week is almost over, we can’t.

Our CIT’s got back from their 6-day trip yesterday, so today was their first full day back. They all went to the Lakeland food pantry to do some volunteering.

Tonight we had a fun evening activity planned; we had a massive kickball game. game staff versus campers. That’s not all we will also be had a game of knock out to end the evening.

So be sure to check out the photos on Facebook and Smugmug.

Can You believe it’s Wednesday already?

Today has been windy and warm.

We had ham and potatoes for dinner, which was so yummy, but also dirt cake end the meal.

Tonight during campfire campers will get assigned a director and will need to prove why their director is the best program area using songs and skits. Its going to be a great evening.

As we turn the corner for the week campers are getting closer than ever with their cabin mates and are excited to be here.


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