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Rainy Days

The weather has been pretty uncooperative up here in Manitowish Waters, but the campers are managing to have tons of fun nonetheless. Last night we played the iconic camp wide game of Wells Fargo (capture the flag), and tonight us staffers are hosting a talent show for all of the cabins to take part in! Cross your fingers that we see some sun for the last few days of session one!

A break from the heat…

It has been so warm over the last week at Camp Jorn, but Thursday was our first break from the heat. It was still a beautiful day for all of our activities, but we got to do them in comfort with the sun shining. We ate delicious french toast for breakfast, had build your own sub for lunch and PIZZA for dinner! Can you believe that it is Friday already? Campers have their last day of classes and specialty camps today and we will end the day with packing and building our Friendship Fire. Make sure to check our SmugMug account for the latest photos:

Tuesdays are for Tacos!

Tuesday was an eventful day at Camp Jorn! Campers had their second full day of classes and were able to spend some quality time with their cabins doing activities such as tubing, tie dying and archery. We can already see new friendships being made and old friendships growing stronger.

Our FAVORITE part about Tuesday though? TACOS! Our kitchen staff works hard to make sure that every camper gets three delicious and nutritious meals every day. During meal times we get to sing songs, dance to morning music and take a deep breath before heading back out for more fun!

Due to the heat and humidity, we had a storm pop up last night during our evening activity, but campers were safe inside the dining hall having a Dutch Auction.

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Session 6!

Session 6 has started out better than ever! Campers have completed their swimming test, gone on a camp tour, played get to know you games and so much more. Tomorrow starts are first full day with the classes they have signed up for!
Tonight at campfire, camper will get to watch their counselors/ directors get goofy and silly during skits and songs.
We will all be getting in a good night rest to get ready for tomorrow activities.
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The Last Full Day

Our session 5 campers have their last full day of camp today! This week has been all about trying new things and make long lasting friendships.Session 5 has been one of the hottest weeks all summer, and the campers truly made the best of it by taking advantage of all our water based activities. Tonight we will reflect on the week and say our thanks and goodbyes at Friendship Fire.DSC_0206.JPG

Welcoming Home TEVA

Our TEVA campers made it back to camp earlier today, they have nothing but smiles on their faces and stories to share . On their first time out they had a little rain but were able to make the best of it. They ended up staying with their Yurt groups for the trip except on the last night where they all came together at Fox Island. They loved caning the chain back to camp. As camp welcomed TEVA back to camp, we had a little cookout back in by the Yurt Village just of them. WELCOME HOME TEVA!


Session 5: Day One

The campers are settling in very well. Already playing fun get to know you games and making memories. Our second group of CIT have joined us for the next three weeks and we couldn’t be more excited.

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Great Things Happening

What a busy day we have had, a busy day indeed! It has been a reoccurrence the past few weeks that it rains on Thursdays and, of course, that continues. The rain does not stop us though! 

We had a few of our cabins leave safely for their overnight camping trips and they will be making some yummy s’mores together. Nothing bonds a group better than s’mores, sitting around a fire, and talking!

Another great thing today is that Day Camp is spending the night here at camp! So, they got to participate in our evening activity and have lots of fun!

Our evening activity was a Camp Jorn Talent Show! Each cabin had their own act and then some campers made their own performances too. We have very talented people here at camp! 

We are close to the end of the week, but we still have our Friendship Fire to look forward to before campers leave to go home! 

Happy Thursday! 

Monday, July 11th

This week we have so many campers and the energy is so great from it! Lots of friendships reuniting, laughs shared, and activities everywhere! Today, TEVA played four way soccer, Arapahoe went fishing/swimming, and some competitions between cabins in dodgeball and gaga occurred. In the evening, many songs were sung and everyone played Wells Fargo, a well known tradition here at Camp Jorn. Busy day full of play! 
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Yet Again A Rainy Thursday

Rain rain go away, come again another day. A week ago today it was raining and yet again, we have a rainy Thursday. That doesn’t stop us! The cabins enjoyed each other’s time and got to spend the day together in their cabins. Lots of games occurred and friendship bracelets too. Never a dull moment here at camp!